Life hacks in the garden

Many people find gardening a very relaxing and therapeutic pass time. With some careful consideration there’s no need to stop because of sight loss. this life hacks will help you..

  • If you are just starting to garden with sight loss make sure you get to know your garden and are familiar with the layout. Get all the tools you’ll need together to save trips back and forth to the shed or garage. Try and keep your storage area tidy and you’ll be able to find your tools more easily.
  • Choose tools that have bright handles or paint the handles white if that suits your eye condition better.
  • Weeding is difficult but with some sighted help at first you can practise recognising common weeds by touch and smell. Some visually impaired gardeners find it useful to place visible items upright in the soil in front of treasured plants. You could use a bright item like an orange pen.
  • Try to choose shrubs that don’t need a lot of pruning and plants that are low maintenance.
  • If you do need to prune choose buds that are pointing outwards from the body of the shrub. Make your first cut and then tie a piece of string at that point. Use the position of the string to check the length of branches/ shoots for your next cuts. Alternatively, you can tie short lengths of string onto all the branches you want to cut back before you start.
  • When mowing a lawn you can use an RNIB sound beacon at one end of the lawn. Mow towards the sound beacon, then move it 30cm and return to your starting point and move the mower 30cm. Then mow towards the beacon again. If maintaining a lawn is too difficult you could consider replacing it with a different surface, such as paving, pebbles or artificial grass.
Life hacks in the garden

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