7 important tips to prevent acne for girls

Sometimes you suffered from acne pimples. so I’m gonna share 7 tips that I have figured out along the way how to get rid of you’re acne and prevent it.

this tips will help you to prevent acne pimples.

01.don’t go to sleep with Your makeup.

It’s really simple when you go to sleep, you’re laying on your face you’re sweating and making all that makeup see deeper in to your pores and just don’t really know what its gonna be doing your skin. There are some ways to take off your make up only using wibes and some cleaning water and not even having to touch water. Use a good soap and water because I feel that works the best.

02.Exfoliate your skin but don’t over exfoliate.

Over exfoliate you get dead build-up of skin cells make up reduce dirt cells that nasty stuff and sometime it just need a little bit of help coming off. I would recommend exfoliating your skin 1 to 2 times a week.

03.Keep your makeup brush clean.

You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week. you’re actually already using make up brushers on open blemishes.so when you’re using old and yucky brushes, you’re taking the bacteria from those wounds and putting it. all over you’re face and kind of spreading out of bacteria.

04.Dont touch your face.

Especially when you have a pesky pimple that just does not want to go away on its own.make sure you clean the area you treat it and then you just kind of let it be.

05. Drink lot of water.

Water helps hydrate your skin and helps flush out all the toxins in your body and away from your face.making you look bright and beautiful.


Its really good when you start doing it consistently and there’s always health benefits to it, especially making your skin look radiant and everything.

07.eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits have lot of nutrients and vitamins, minerals and stuff like that. That are good for your skin. so try to eat vegetables and fruits as much as you can.

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