7 Healthy Heart Tips For You That Will Help You In Your 40’s

Did you know men at 45  are more at risk of having a heart attack than those who are younger? This is why you need  to take care of your blood pressure while you have time. Let’s talk about Healthy Heart Tips  for Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s.

Should you exercise regularly?

What should you  eat? Should I really consider quitting cigarettes?  

where does sleep fit into all of  this?

We’re talking all that and more…

01.Get More Sleep.

You’ll find that the older you get the  more tired you become.

Even in your 30’s,  you notice that your energy levels aren’t  what they were at the ripe old age of 24.  

If you feel like you want to hit the pillow now, just wait until your 40’s.

The stress of staying  up late will put too much pressure on your heart.

Poor sleeping habits raise your blood  pressure.

This leads to heart disease,which opens the floodgates to  a world of new health problems.  

On top of obesity and diabetes, there’s  an increased chance of heart attack and stroke.

A person dies from a heart attack  every 36 seconds in the United States.

The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of  sleep in a single night.

In your 20’s, your body lets you off easy if you happen  to not get the proper rest.

In your 30’s,changes with your cells will make  it harder to avoid sleep.

If you’ve passed the magical three-zero mark,  it’s smart to try and get more sleep.  

Not only will you feel energized in the  morning, you will also give your heart a break.

Don’t get me wrong, you are still able to  have fun in your 30’s. It’s not like you have to put the beer bottle down and get into  grandpa mode.

But as you head into your 40’s, your blood pressure will build to the point  where your body won’t be as forgiving.

7 Healthy Heart Tips For Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s
heart tips 01.get more sleep

02.Try and Relax.

There are other ways to manage fatigue outside  of sleep.

Your 30’s can be a stressful time.  

Not only is there more pressure with  your career, you may also have children and a family to support.

This certainly  ups the stakes. Because of these factors, you might not be able to have a good night’s rest.

If that’s the case, there are plenty of  breathing exercises you can do to cool down.  

Try your best to take a quick half hour nap. You’d  be surprised what that can do for your energy.  

Too much stress encourages your blood pressure  to increase.

By the time you reach the age of 45,you’ll be at risk of a heart attack.

If you want to get deep with breathing exercises,  try meditating.

This is a quick exercise that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to one whole  hour.

See how refreshed you’ll feel after that.

7 Healthy Heart Tips For Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s
heart tips 02.relax

03.Exercise More Often.

Some people aren’t into meditation.

And I  get it.

The act of sitting with your eyes closed and delving into psychological  issues can be terrifying.

If you’re one of those people who’s easily freaked,  working out might be your alternative.

Exercise has great benefits on your  heart. It will improve your circulation, providing relief for your blood pressure. 

There are plenty of great exercises for people in their 30’s.

Stretches are really  important.

It helps your flexibility and gets you ready for the workout. Yoga  and pilates are also recommended.

If you’re trying to lose weight,  do your workouts before bed.  

People who do resistance training have a  better chance at improving their metabolism  

if they do it a half hour before sleeping. 

7 Healthy Heart Tips For Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s
heart tips 03.exercise

04.Start Dropping Weight.

If you’re in your 30’s, you’ve probably noticed  that your metabolism ain’t what it used to be.  

It feels like just a burger and fries  adds 10 lbs overnight.

As you get older your metabolism slows down, making it harder to  work off food.

But the more unhealthy you eat, the more fat your body has to deal with.

This  puts a horrible amount of pressure on your heart.

Before you act drastic and  starve yourself, hold it!  

There are plenty of other things you can  do.

For one, how about spread your meals out further.

This means more of a gap between  lunch and dinner, and fewer snacks within that time.

This gives your body enough time  to process your food before the next meal.

It’s also suggested that you space out the  amount of protein you eat.

 One study showed that people in their mid-30’s who ate less than  30 grams of protein per meal were able to get in better shape.

This is really important for  your health as you get closer to the “40” mark.

Another really smart thing you can do  to drop weight is eat healthier foods.  

This means more fruits and veggies.

Even though eating  healthy is right, many people don’t have  

that option.

Afterall, it is terribly  expensive.

If you’re one of these folks, what you can do is start taking  unhealthy items off your next meal.  

This means replacing soda from time to time with  water.

Or maybe the next time you’re at Wendy’s,  

order just the burger with no fries. 

7 Healthy Heart Tips For Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s
heart tips 04.drop your weight

05.Don’t Drink So Much!

Who doesn’t love to party here and there?

I sure  appreciate cutting loose.

The sad reality is that you only have a good window of solid drinking  before it all goes down hill.

Even after 25,you will notice your hangovers getting worse and  your body becoming less tolerant towards booze.

But as you hit 30, the consequences of drinking  get even worse than in your mid-20’s.

Let’s stick to what alcohol does to the heart. Drinking  booze will only raise your blood pressure.

On top of that, alcohol, specifically  beer, can sure pack on the pounds.  

The average can for example is over 150  calories.

If you’re spending your 30’s downing back cold brews on vacations  with friends, you’re going to gain weight.

That is if you’re not exercising  or eating healthier in order to compensate.

7 Healthy Heart Tips For Your 30’s That Will Help You In Your 40’s
heart tips 05.dont drink alcohol

06.Cut the Cigarettes.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but smoking KILLS! 

Now this one should be obvious, but some people still seem to need a reminder.

Over 34 million  US adults apparently fit this category.

I get it, a good cigarette feels like it can calm the  nerves.

It’s actually doing the opposite.  

Cigarette smoke causes more than 480,000 deaths  each year in America.

For every person who has died from tobacco use, there are at least 30  still living with a smoking-related illness.

I’ll be the first to admit that I smoked  cigarettes in my 20’s.

It’s not something I’m proud of.

My mom used to say, “If  you quit now, your lungs will forgive  you.”

This is because cigarettes take more  of a toll of your lungs the older you get.  

At a certain age, your body won’t  recover the way it may have at 20.

And it’s true.

Quitting smoking will  seriously lower your risk of heart  disease.

For those of you in your 30’s, now  would be a good time to get off the smoking.

07.Watch Your Cholesterol Level.

Around 38% of American adults  suffer from high cholesterol.  

This will clog your arteries and  increase your risk of heart disease.

High cholesterol will hit you a lot  earlier than you think. About 90 million U.S. adults over the age of 20  have above average cholesterol levels.  

A level less than 200 mg per deciliter  is considered ideal for adults.

The scary part about high cholesterol is  that there really aren’t any symptoms.  

This is why it’s important to get a blood test  done annually.

If you’re pushing 40 and you’re concerned about high cholesterol impacting your  health, it’s good to take measures to reduce it.

Something you can do to decrease cholesterol  is cut back on saturated fats.

This means less red meat and fatty dairy products.

It’s  also smart to add some nutrients into your life.  

I’m talking about omega-3 fatty acids to be exact. 

Omega-3 fatty acids will bring down your LDL cholesterol.

This is the medical term for “bad”  cholesterol.

It will also have a positive effect  

on your blood pressure.

This will lower your  chances of having that dreaded heart attack by 45.

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