18 Everyday Things You Keep Doing Wrong Over And Over

There are many ways to make our everyday kitchen chores more manageable, and we bet you haven’t even heard about half of them!. Here you can read 18 things you keep doing wrong over and over.

18.using a mixer.

To use a mixer like a pro, put a paper plate on its beaters. It will serve as a temporary cover that’ll eliminate unwanted spray.

Try it out while making a cake!

17.Eating Choco pies.

Yes, this is news to us as well.

Warming this chocolate and marshmallow confectionery in a microwave makes it twice as big and three times as tasty.

16.preserving vegetables.

If you want to double the longevity of salad leaves and keep them fresh, rinse them and then store them sandwiched in a container between paper napkins.

No more wilted and slimy leaves.

15. opening a coconut.

Here’s how to do in the proper way. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, pierce a hole in the coconut shell and pour out the liquid.

Put the coconut in the oven for about fifteen minutes until it starts to crack.

Then, slightly hit the side of the coconut and open it!

14.cleaning mushrooms.

This is easy to remember. Never wash mushrooms under running water!

It’s best to clean them using a wet towel and brush, as this helps preserve its aroma.

13.storing bananas.

Do you store bananas in bunches?

Then stop doing it right now!

What you should do Is separate them from each other, wrap their ‘tails’ in plastic wrap, and put them in the fridge.

We guarantee much longer storage!

12.preparing dry breakfast.

Corn flakes and other types of cereal quickly cease to be crispy if you leave the box open even for a few minutes.

You can solve this problem by placing them in a hot oven for five to ten minutes this trick, also works with potato chips!

11.cleaning frying pans.

Want to clean dirty pots and pans easily? Simply place them in boiling water and add a small amount of vinegar.

This hack saves time and effort.

10.adding cheese to burgers.

To make a real cheeseburger, wait until the meat is ready, place a slice of cheese on top, add a little water, and cover the frying pan with the lid.

The cheese will melt within three to five seconds.

09.collecting jam from the bottom.

How do you collect the remnants of jam, chocolate spread, or peanut butter from the bottom of a jar?

Here’s how, simply add cereal and milk! This will make for a great breakfast, and ensure that none of your favorite jams go to waste!

08.cutting onions.

To cut onions without tears, sprinkle the board with lemon juice before you start cutting.

Lemon juice can neutralize the smell of onions. No more suffering.

07.saving burned cookies.

You can easily rescue your overdone cookies by removing the burned bits with a grater.

No one will even suspect that something went wrong.

06.opening a bag of chips.

Rather than pouring your chips into a bowl, you can make the bag into a bowl.

Open the bag in the front with a pair of scissors, remove the front flap completely, and you’ll have a makeshift bowl to eat your chips out of.

05.opening pesky pistachios.

Grab a ‘pistachio nut shell half, and stick the top of the small end into the partially-open pistachio. As simple as that.

04.making chocolate chips.

The easiest way to make chocolate chips is to use a potato peeler.

Take the potato peeler and scrape it across the edge of the chocolate bar. A simple yet effective solution.

03.drinking coke.

A study showed that the top of all beverage cans is full of germs and bacteria.

You will do your health a favor drinking Coke from a can with a straw.

Thus you’ll avoid contamination.

02.eating ice cream.

Instead of scooping ice cream from a pack, you can cut it into portions right with the package, and even make ice cream sandwiches.

This method Is only useful when you serve ice cream for a group of people.

However, you can cover the leftovers with a plastic wrap for further storage.

18 Everyday Things You Keep Doing Wrong Over And Over

01.using toothpaste.

Studies show that toothpaste isn’t healthy for our teeth if we abuse it.

Did you think that the more toothpaste you squeeze the better? You’re wrong. Using too much toothpaste only makes your teeth yellow and damages them.

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