10 tips you must know around your home

Life hacks at home you must know….

01.Make it easy to locate electrical outlets and light switches, oven dials and doorknobs by using colour contrasts. You can use a coloured card boarder around a light switch for example.

02.Move furniture out of the main traffic areas in your home, and keep chairs pushed in.

03.In your wardrobe you can develop your own system of identifying clothes and colours by using safety pins, i.e. put no safety pins on red clothes, 1 safety pin on blue clothes etc.

04.Add a railing to your stairs to help identify the top and the bottom. On the handrail place a sticky bump near to the top and bottom, to warn the hand rail is ending soon.

05.Having different textures under foot as you enter different rooms can help to orientate yourself around your home, such as tiles, wood, carpet and rugs. Beware with rugs, as they can be a trip hazard.

06.When ironing choose a solid-colour ironing board cover, rather than one with a pattern, to provide contrast with the garment. Always follow the cord to locate the iron safely.

07.If you’re struggling to find a small item you’ve dropped on the floor, such as an earring, use your hoover attachment with a thin sock or stocking over the end and hoover the area. You should find the item stuck at the end of the attachment.

08.When managing your household bills nearly all utility providers and retailers can send you your bills/receipts via email. Just give them a call to set this up.

09.When doing your laundry keep socks together by clipping or safety-pinning matching socks as soon as you take them off. They can go into the washer and dryer that way and stay matched. Try using a clothes peg to clip your shoes together in pairs.

10.If you are registered blind or visually impaired you are entitled to 50% discount on your TV license. If you like to buy a good TV. Click here

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