10 important things you must know in the kitchen

01.Use coloured card or sticky paper to line your cupboards to create contrast with the contents in the kitchen .

02.Organise your tins and dry food so that the same products are kept on certain shelves, for example, in one cupboard you may keep cat food on the bottom shelf and tins of soup on the second shelf.

03.Use elastic bands around different products to help identify them. For example, one elastic band on tins of soup, two elastic bands on tins of tomatoes, three elastic bands on tins of chickpeas, etc. You could use this technique on various products, such as cereal boxes, salt and pepper and herbs and spices in the kitchen.

04.When setting the table use contrast, for example, if you have white plates use a dark place mat or tablecloth.

05.When pouring liquids use a liquid level indicator or use a one-cup kettle when making hot drinks.

06.Try using a pizza cutter instead of a knife for slicing things like sandwiches, or try an adjustable knife attached to a cutting board.

07.Use different coloured plastic chopping boards so that you can use one that contrasts with the food you’re chopping, for example, use a red one when chopping an onion and a white one when chopping a pepper.

08.When chopping an onion keep the onion stable and avoid any cuts by using a metal afro hair comb. Insert the comb into the onion and the make the cuts between the teeth of the comb.

09.Use a measuring cup with raised numbers on the side or mark the cup with tactile 3D stickers (bump ons).

10.If you struggle with spreading things on bread or toast try using the back of a spoon instead of a knife.

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